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Don't do it, just back away
I don't want to hear what you have to say
Cause if I do, I know I'll get attached
Which will make it hurt more when we've  detached

I don't want to get to know you
Because then I'll care about everything you do
I'll be sad when your sad, I'll smile when you smile
And the world will seem right for a while

Right up until you close me off once more
Sealing me outside your door
Right up until you become a brick wall
Never telling me what's wrong or anything at all

When that day comes I'll regret the day we met
Because that was the day I made the wrong bet
That you'd be different and never shut me out
Not saying a word till I start to scream and shout

Cause what you apparently don't seem to see
Is that when we became friends you became a part of me
So your sorrows are mine as well as your joy
My care is not some well crafted ploy

When you leave me out, I can tell and It pains me so
To sit here and not be told anything when I know
That something bothers you, but you just won't say
And I hate to leave you that way

But there is naught I can do when you push me away
All I can do is sit here and hope you are happy each day
Watch as you go on living life with me kicked to the side
Wishing that one day our lives will once more collide
Don't Shut Me Out
I have a lot of people I meet, and for a while we become really close friends. We tell each other everything, I listen when they need to let their emotions out and I enjoy it always. But then suddenly they just disappear and act distant and don't tell me anything. Even if I can tell from their eyes or voice that something is wrong. And it kills me on the inside to see this always happen.....
They try to break me down
Throwing me daily to the ground
They never get why each day I come right back
They dream of the final attack

The one insult that'll leave me in pieces
The one heartbreak that makes the beat cease
The one fall that leave me shattered
Awaiting the day, I'm too beaten and battered

But that day will never come to be
For I know the answer to their mystery
That today's pains are tomorrow's jokes
And that their power is all a hoax

The bruises will heal as will the cuts
But you can't reopen a door once it shuts
The words will soon be a forgotten thought
And all their effort will be for naught

For every time they take a stab
I've come back with the best jab
The jab of going ahead in the world
While their life is unfurled

So come at me, best you can
Because I've been winning since this began
You are a temporary annoyance, a prick of the skin
You've always been trash, while I'm the best there's ever been


United States
This is me and I can be nothing else. Accept if you will, or do not, my time is too short on this earth to care. I'll simply enjoy my life and I'd love to enjoy it with you, so comment or message me if you want.

Favourite genre of music: Rock, Techno
Favourite style of art: Photography
Operating System: Windows 7
MP3 player of choice: Ipod Classic


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